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1. Which of the following numbers can be used an example that not all prime numbers are odd?


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2. If the sum of three consecutive integers is 36, then the greatest number of them is?


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3. What is the expression, (x4)2 + (y3)3 equivalent to?

     x8 + y6
     x12 + y9
     x6 + y6
     x8 * y9
     x6 * x6

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4. If one side of a triangle has a length of 10m and the second side of the triangle has a length of 6m, then which of the given values can be the area of the triangle?

     I only
     II only
     III only
     II and III only
     1, II and III

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5.  If a car completely travelled a  circular path in 20 seconds, then the angle covered in 4 seconds is:


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6. The expression (sinθ+cosθ)2 is equivalent to which of the following expressions?

     2 (sin⊖)(cos⊖)
     cos2⊖ + 1
     2(sin⊖)(cos⊖) – 1
     1 + 2 (sin⊖) (cos⊖)

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If an isosceles right triangle is inscribed in a circle with center ‘O’ and radius 7√3 m as shown in the figure, then the area of the triangle is:


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