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1. A box contains chocolates and the total weight of the box and the chocolates is 3 pounds. If 2/5th of the chocolates are eaten, and now the box with the remaining chocolates weighs 2 pounds, then what is the weight of the empty box in pounds?


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2. The midpoint of a line joining the point P and Q is (4, -1). If the point Q is (2, -3), then what is the coordinate of point P?

     (-6, -1)
     (6, 1)
     (-1, -6)
     (6, 1)
     (1, -6)

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3. If logb(2) = p and logb(7) = q, then what is logb(b/14)?

     p + q
     p + q + 1
     1 – p + q
     p – q
     1 – p – q

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4. If n, n + 1 and n + 2 are three consecutive integers and if their sum is equal to ‘s’, then what is the value of (s/3) – 1 ?

     3n + 3

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5. If f(x) = 3a – 2b and f(y) = 12a – 8b, then what is the value of f(y)/ f(x)?


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6. On a paper of length 12.5cm and width 9cm, a margin of 0.5cm is drawn all around and is cut from the paper. What is the area covered by the remaining paper in cm2?


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7. As shown in the figure below, OABC is a rectangle where side BC measures 12m and side OC measures 9m. What is the length of the arc in meters, in the figure?


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