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1. If (x + y)2 = p, (x – y)2 = q, then what is (x2 + y2) only in terms of ‘p’ and ‘q’?

     p + q
     (p + q)/ 2
     p – q

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2. If f(x) = 4x – 6, then what is the value of f(-2) – f(2)?


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3. Given two points (-1, 3) and (2, k) and the slope of the line passing these through two points is -2/3. What is the value of k?


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4.  If an object is travelling with a speed of 30m/sec, then how much distance would it cover in a time interval of 1.5minutes?


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5. If the width of a rectangle is 12m and the length of its diagonal is 20m, then what is the area of the rectangle in ‘m2’?


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6. In triangle ABC, the measure of the exterior angle ABD is 4x – 26, and the measure of the angles A and C are x + 11 and x + 13 respectively as shown in the figure below. What is the value of x?


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